TS_NC -73

(TS) Torah Seder – (NC) Nazarean Codicil #73

This class started with a very simple introduction to PRDeS hermeneutics as they apply to the Biblical genre. 1

We briefly looked at VaAsita Mitzbeach. We looked at how the Nazarean Codicil relates to the Incense Altar and the Menorah.

Our Key question was…
How Does the Incense altar relate to seeing men as trees and why did Yeshua have to pray twice. What does it mean to see men as trees?

We explored the idea of “Men as trees.” However we noted from the Nazraean Codicil Nazarean Codicil that the blind man was “looking up.” This mean that the Blind man was focused on So’odic thoughts and teachings without the balance of the rest of the hermeneutic genre to balance his ideology. It was for this reason that Yeshua told him not to return to the village.

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  1. P – Peshat = Simple Literal. R – Remes (Remez) = Allegorical, D – Drash = Parabolic, always “Kingdom” related, S – So’od = Mystical, Spiritual
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