‍‍22 Adar 5772 - 03/15/12

Final Triennial Torah Reading

Simchat Torah for the Triennial Torah Reading Cycle

Shalom Chaverim. We have reached the final pericope of Mordechai (Mark) and D’barim.  We will be discussing the concluding remarks of the Torah and the Nazarean Codicil.

We will do a superficial review of the Amalek and then launch out into the depths of these final words to see what relevance they might have.

We will look at the three titles for the B’ne Yisrael to see what they tell us. We will also look at the cryptic passage from Jude which tells us that Michael the archangel argued over the body of Moshe. What could Jude (Hakham Tsefet’s scribe) possibly have been saying.  The class will deepen when we take a deeper look at all the snakes of the past pericope and further relevance.

Class Materials below

‍‍27 Kislev 5772 - 12/22/11

Mesorah of Mark 119F

Mesorah of Mark and Triennial Torah Readings For Keslev 21 5772

This Torah Focus Class will look at the readings associated with Deuteronomy 15:7-16:17.

We will look at the Commentary on Amos 84-10 and 9:13-15 and Our Selection of Mark which looks at the mockery Yeshua went through by the Roman Cohort of Pilate. Mark 15:16-21

Class materials can be located at Keslev 21, 5772

Live at 7 CST

‍‍25 Adar 5770 - 03/10/10

Mesorah of Mark 5a-c

Mesorah of Mark 5a-c available on Arba4.com

The three segments of Mesorah of Mark #5 are now available on ARBA4.com

Mesorah of Mark 5a

Mesorah of Mark 5b

Mesorah of Mark 5c

I would like to thank Brian Jones for his help and work in posting these programs.  (Thanks Brian)

‍‍24 Heshwan 5770 - 11/10/09

Mesorah of Mark #4

Midrashim – with Dr. Walter Oakley
Tuesdays on ARBA4 / Torah Focus

Mesorah of Mark #4

This program begins to define “Tradition.”  In the next few weeks we will look at the true meaning of “tradition and how it relates to our study and the Book of Mark.

Study Notes available in the Ebook file below.

‍‍12 Heshwan 5770 - 10/29/09

Mesorah of Mark #3

Tonight’s class will continue the saga of the Mesorah of Mark. The following lesson guide will be requisite.

Study Guide #3

‍‍9 Heshwan 5770 - 10/27/09

Mesorah of Mark #2

Midrashim – with Dr. Walter Oakley
Tuesdays on ARBA4 / Torah Focus

Mesorah of Mark #2

Midrashim continues with the series Mesorah of Mark. . This series continues our look at the “Gospel” of Mark from a new and exciting approach. We will take some time to look at the Tradition (Mesorah) or Mark with a new thesis in mind. This thesis postulates the idea that Mark was written in a Mishnaic fashion. The Mesorah” of Mark was transmitted to Mark by Peter his mentor and Sage. It will take us some time to work this thesis out. However, we are excited that this work will be full of revelation concerning Yeshua our Messiah.

You will also want to download the supplemental material and study guide that goes along with this class. Click the “EBook” connection below.

‍‍4 Tishre 5770 - 09/22/09

Elul and Teshuva #5

Midrashim – with Dr. Walter Oakley
Tuesdays on ARBA4 / Torah Focus

Program #81 – Elul and Teshuva #5  “A look at the Soul”

In this program we look at the varied views of the soul.  We have heard teachings that depict man as a trichotomy and dichotomy.    Are these really the views of the Bible?   Are these really Shaul’s (Paul) views?  Or, was Shaul saying something deeper?  Before we can repair the damage caused by sin we must understand how we were created.   This may bse a different approach.  Nevertheless it captures the essence of the Biblical view of the soul.