‍‍24 Adar I 5768 - 02/29/08



If you have watched ARBA4 you know that we have titled our program “Midrashim(מדרש’ם).  This Hebrew word means interpretation, exposition, study and homily.  We have chosen this title because the interpretation of the Torah (תוֹרה) is of essential obligatory for our society.  While there are a great number of teachers far more eloquent, this age needs Torah more than ever.

Midrashic method:

Midrash (מדרש) is more than simple interpretation, study and the presentation of a homily.   Midrash is noticing that the text demands midrash.   Apparent discrepancies in the text demand investigation.   The midrashic scholar is trained to notice the things that demand inquiry.

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