‍‍20 Nisan 5770 - 04/4/10

The Fifth Cup

In this we explore the idea of the fifth cup, “Elijah’s cup” and prophecy.

We will also be exploring the Cups of the Seder.  We will also focus on the “Fifth Cup” the “Cup of Eliyahu” (Elijah). 

We also explore the casting of the “mantle” upon Elisha and the concluding passages of the book of Malachi.

In preparation for the class you will need to read

Shemot      chapter 12
1 Kings   chapter 19
Malachi    chapters 3-4 (chapter 3 in a Jewish published Bible)

Likewise you will want to download the image “seder.” (click on “seder” and the image will appear in a separate window). You may also “right click” and “save as” to a desired location on your computer for future reference. 


Dr. Walter Oakley