‍‍19 Av 5770 - 07/29/10

Thursday Night Live 07/20/2010

Tonight’s Class is canceled due to overtime schedule.

Due to Dr. Oakley’s overtime work schedule there will be no class this evening.  We should be back on schedule next week.


‍‍17 Tamuz 5770 - 06/28/10

Return from the Holy Land

Our return from the Holy Land leaves us in awe of G-d’s plan and people.  I just wanted to remind everyone to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

‍‍27 Sivan 5770 - 06/9/10

Mitzvah 156 (p)

Positive Mitzvah 156

156. To destroy chametz [before Pesach], as [Exodus 12:15] states: “On the day before [the holiday], obliterate chametz from your homes.”

‍‍2 Iyar 5770 - 04/15/10

Thursday Night Live (Torah Focus)

Mesorah of Mark in Review

This week we want to do some review. We will be looking at the overall picture of how Mordechai (Mark) fits in the scheme of the Triennial Schedule.

Key points for tonight’s discussion will be…

  1. The Triennial Schedule
  2. Rebuilding through Parsha
  3. Rebuilding through key words, phrases and concepts
  4. The Synagogue and the 1st Century
  5. The Sermon and the Synagogue
  6. Believers in the Synagogue
  7. Mordechai (Mark) as a Mesorah

All Study Guides for Mordechai can be found at the following page.

‍‍25 Nisan 5770 - 04/8/10

TNL – To Walk like Yeshua

Learning to walk as Yeshua walked

In tonight’s class we will learn how the past three Pericope of Mordechai (Mark) have been joined to the appropriate Torah Seder.  The past Torah readings have brought us from the pillars of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) to the present Torah reading where the Cohanim are consecrated, anointed and dedicated to G-d’s service.

Study Guide

‍‍24 Nisan 5770 - 04/7/10

TNL on UStream TV


Last Thursday night’s Torah Focus Class it available on UStream TV

We look at counting the omer for the year 2010 and follow the reasoning behind counting.

‍‍21 Nisan 5770 - 04/5/10

Counting To Perfection


based on the teachings of Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Leviticus 23:15-21; Deuteronomy 16:9-12

During this time, we are supposed to be working on our selves. We are to see the forty-nine days as if we were ascending to Sinai.

After the miraculous Exodus from Mitzraim (Egypt), the B’nai Yisrael spent 49 days preparing for the most awesome experience in human history, the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.  Just as the B’nai Yisrael’s’ redemption from Mitzraim teaches us how to achieve inner freedom in our lives; so too, this 49-day period, called ‘Sefirat Ha-Omer’ the Counting of the Omer, is a time of intense character refinement and elevation.

What are the forty-nine steps and how do I make them?

The following Seven characteristics form the basis for the forty-nine attributes if the inner man. When combined they form an order that elevates us to the level that prepares us to receive the Torah.

1.  Loving-kindness
2.  Justice and discipline
3.  Harmony, compassion
4.  Endurance
5.  Humility
6.  Bonding
7.  Sovereignty, leadership

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