Tuesday Night Live (Instructions)

Live every Tuesday Night at 7 CST  |  Contact us and join us on VSee

VSee is a free program like the program Skype…and very simple to use.

Go to www.vsee.com … Set up an account and contact drwaltoakley@gmail.com

We will add you to the invite list. Be sure and mute when not speaking. You can also turn your picture off, if you desire. Once accepted, either we will invite you to the session or you can call in by clicking the Video Camera that displays in green when you hover over a name: Rabbi Dr Eliyahu Ben Abraham.
Readings for each week ending with Shabbat and then, followed up by Tuesday Night Live Class (TNL).
Click on the blue Jewish date to download the weekly study from which we
will normally discuss aspects of the Nazarean Codicil (NC) verses.