V’Et Y’hudah Shalach

TNL_08/18/16 – TS_044

Mordechai (Mark) 4:21-25, Hillel/Silas/Luqas (Luke) 11:33-36, 8:16-18, II Luqas (Acts) 13:26-41

Nazarean Codicil to be read in conjunction with the following Torah Seder:

Gen 46:28 47:31

Psa. 38 Zech. 10:6-12 + 11:4-11

After discussion on the inspirations that we find in the Nazarean Codicil we begin to look at the Peshat and Tosefta portions of this week’s Nazarean Codicil (“New Testament”).

This week’s Torah Seder “V’Et Y’hudah Shalach,” “And Judah (Jacob) sent” (Gen. 46:28-47:31) offers an unusual insight into the “Ohr HaGanuz” (primordial Light) as viewed by Hakham Tsefet (the “Apostle Peter”) and Hakham Shaul (the “Apostle Paul”).We further the discussion by discussing how the Torah Seder influences the Nazarean view of Gan Eden and the “Perfected Community” as taught by Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto. (see page 47 and our citations of Derek HaShem- the Way of G-d).

We conclude with the words at the bottom of page 47

“Consequently, we deduce that the Oral Torah that G-d daily breathed to Adam and Chava was for the sake of creating the Perfected Community. Herein the temporal world gives way to the Eternal “Ever Coming World” through the personification of the Mesorah.”

TNL_08/18/16 TS_044

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