General Hermeneutics

These rules are general. Their point of interest is…

  1. Interpretation of Scripture
  2. Establishment of halakhah

By applying these rules to our Hermeneutic process we can better understand the Tanakh and the Nazarean Codicil.

Sevarah – logical deduction, drash deductive hermeneutic.
Chazakah – status quo
Miggo – “because”  a person is presumed to be telling the truth, had he wished to lie he would have made a better plea.
Rov – Majority rule per se

  1. The majority before us (ruba d’ita kaman) definite number observable.
  2. The majority that is NOT before us (ruba d’leta kaman) indefinite number, assumption based on observations.

Kavuna – fixed
Drash –  deduced halakhah

Darshanim – “interpreters of Scripture”

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