Ki Tavou, El-Erets

Shebat 18, 5778 – Feb 26 02/03, 2018
כִּי תָבֹאוּ, אֶל-אֶרֶץ
Ki Tavou, El-Erets
“When you enter into the land”
“Cuando entren en la tierra”
B’midbar (Numbers) 15:1-41
Is 56:3-8 + 57:15-16, 18-19
Psalms 102:13-23
N.C.: Mk 10:13=16; Lk 18:18-23
Rm 9:1-5
Audio Class
G-d’s Torah is written on two tablets of Sapphire. Hakham Shaul states that we are living letters written not on tables but on of stone but rather on the fleshly tablets of the heart. Come and see what G-d has written on the tablets of the heart of the heart with his “Blue Pencil

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