TS_NC – 74

TS – (Torah Seder) NC -Nazarean Codicil #74 Tuesday Night Live

רְאֵה, קָרָאתִי “R’Eh Qarati” – “See, I have called”

The Torah Seder gives a view into the life of an extraordinary man, Bezalel. The artisan who built the Mishkan. He was full of Hokhmah, instilled in him by HaShem.

An interesting question is Why was Bezalal  from the tribe of Dan?

His “calling” was his vocation. Prior to the present Torah Seder we might have been able to ask Bezalel, what is your “vocation.”  Thus רְאֵה, קָרָאתִי may be translated “I have given Bezalel the “vocation” of building the “Mishkan.”

Thus, Bezalel will be compared to the great question and answers given in Mordechai.

Thus, Mordechai (Mark – the amanuensis of Hakham Tsefet) presents Yeshua with question of what is my vocation, what do people think my vocation is. And finally what do believe my vocation is?

This class will range from simple Peshat to the limits of So’od.

What will you learn?

Live at 7PM CST

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