TNL_12/01/16 – TS_061-062

Mordechai (Mark) 6:45-52, Hillel/Silas/ II Luqas (Acts) 17:1-9

Nazarean Codicil to be read in conjunction with the following Torah Seder:

Sh’mot (Ex) 14:5-16:3 Is.65:24-66:2, 5-10 Psalm 53:1-7 Mk 6:45-52 Acts 17:1-9

After discussion on the inspirations that we find in the Nazarean Codicil we begin to look for the answer to how HaShem was related to the present Torah Seder and Nazarean Codicil (New Testament).

We draw from verbal tallies that the words found in the Torah (14:15) and Mark 6:49 are related to Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 6:3 where the Seraphim “cried” to one another during the Shema.

We then draw on the association of the Shema and war. Where do “wars” begin, how do they come about? Where and what are the instigating sources.

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