‍‍18 Elul 5774 - 09/12/14

And now Korah

 Triennial Torah Cycle Readings for Shabbat

Ellul 18, 5774 – September 13, 2014

 Subject of Thursday Night Live Class on 9/18/2014

וַיִּקַּח קֹרַח

“Vayiqach Qorach”
“And now Korah”
B’Midbar (Num.) 16:1 – 17:15
Ashlamatah: Hos. 10:2-12
Special: Isaiah 60:1-22   ;   Psalm 102:13-29
N.C.: Mk 11:20-26; Lk 19:45-48; Rm 3:27-31



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‍‍10 Elul 5774 - 09/4/14

When you have come to the land

Triennial Torah Cycle Readings for Shabbat

Ellul 11, 5774 – September 06, 2014

 Subject of Thursday Night Live Class on 9/11/2014

כִּי תָבֹאוּ, אֶל-אֶרֶץ

“Ki Tabou El Erets”
“When you have come to the land”
“Cuando entréis en la tierra”
B’Midbar (Num.) 15:1-41
Ashlamatah: Is. 56:3-8 + 57:15-16, 18-19
Special: Isaiah 54:1-10  ;  Psalm 102:1-12
Nazarean Codicil: Mk 11:15-19; Lk 19:45-48; Rm 3:21-26

Ein Havdel

No Distinction!! between Jews and the Gentiles (proselytes) who are turning to G-d — both are under the same rules of the Torah, so says Hakham Shaul. Now this is an absolute reversal of how these verses have been translated by churchmen. They have said many things about Hakham Shaul (Paul), which again, is now demonstrated to be total distortions of his Jewish Orthodox instructions. In regard to his letters, Romans is the cornerstone around which all else revolves and we are seeing that rather than describing his famous presentation of the ‘Roman Road of Salvation’, we’re finding that it is the road to Tzion away from Rome! Join us again this week as we travel.

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‍‍4 Elul 5774 - 08/29/14

Until when will despise Me

Triennial Torah Cycle Readings for Shabbat

Ellul 04, 5774 – August 30, 2014

 Subject of Thursday Night Live Class on 9/04/2014

עַד-אָנָה יְנַאֲצֻנִי

“Ad-Anah Y’na’atsuni”
“Until when will despise Me”
B’Midbar (Num.) 14:11-45
Ashlamatah: Isaiah 52:5-12 + 54:7-8
Special: Isaiah 51:12 – 52:12   ;   Psalm 101:1-8
Nazarean Codicil: Mk 11:12-14; Lk 13:1-9; Rm 3:9-20

The Advantages of Being Jewish

Being selected and separated from among the nations and trained in the Torah of HaShem is very advantageous. The crux of the matter though is that we were sent back into the nations to call them into the same relationship, into the same privileges. In other words, we were commissioned to teach the nations to embrace Judaism as the true and only universal religion (the original mission of Yeshua ben Yosef).  Such a message though demands a great vulnerability among our host-nations, who have developed their own forms of religion. Teaching them that they should embrace Judaism and become Jewish means that they have to let go of their previous embrace. Hostility from those who would “…eat up My people…” ensues, so says Hakham Shaul. Nevertheless, HaShem “…parades the Jewish people…” before the entire world making them accountable and without excuse before Him. 

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‍‍26 Av 5774 - 08/21/14

Send you men

Triennial Torah Cycle Readings for Shabbat

Ab 27, 5774 – August 23, 2014

 Subject of Thursday Night Live Class on 8/28/2014

שְׁלַח-לְךָ אֲנָשִׁים

“Sh’lach-L’kha Anashim”
“Send you men”
B’Midbar (Num.) 13:1 – 14:10
B’Midbar (Num.) 28:9-15
Ashlamatah: Joshua 2:1-9, 23-24
Special: Isaiah 54:11 – 55:5
1 Sam. 20:18, 42    ;     Psalm 100:1-5
Nazarean Codicil: Mk 11:1-11; Lk 19:28-44; Rm 3:1-8

The Oracles of G-d

The Oracles or Speakings of G-d were entrusted to the Jewish people. To grasp the message spoken in the Scriptures one needs to go to them for elucidation. This stewardship can be compared to the close friend of a novelist. The close friend is aware of the details behind the different scenes described by the novelist. He knows the intimate details of the story behind the story. The close friend of G-d is the Jewish people. To them were committed the “oracles” of G-d. In fact, they are the agent and mouthpiece, through which, G-d speaks to the world. These are the words of Hakham Shaul (Apostle Paul). Join us for a great discussion illuminating each week passages from the Epistle to the Romans.

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‍‍24 Iyar 5774 - 05/23/14

if in my statutes

Triennial Torah Cycle Readings for Shabbat

Iyar 24, 5774 – May 24, 2014

For Discussion on Live Torah Focus Class on 5/29/2014 @ 7pm cst


“Im B’Chuqotai”
“If in My Statutes”
Vayiqra (Lev.) Lev 26:3 – 27:34     Num. 28:9-15
Ashlamatah: Is. 1:19-20, 24-27 + 2:2-5
Special: I Samuel 20:18,42
Psalm 89:16-53    Abot: 3:17
N.C.: II Pet 3:11-18; Lk 18:1-14; Acts 28:23-32

The Goal

In his Iggeret (letter) to the Synagogue in Rome (10:4), Hakham Sha’ul says that, the “Mashiach (Messiah) is the goal of the Torah…” Unfortunately, English translations give us a erroneous impression stating that Mashiach is the end of the Torah – as in a termination of the Covenant of the Torah. The Written and Oral Torah provides the vision for our maturity and the means by which it is attained — keeping the commandments transforms us into maturity. We, as was Mashiach, are perfected by the things that we endure and overcome from within and without — this is the goal of the Torah

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‍‍7 Adar I 5774 - 02/6/14

On The Eighth Day

בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁמִינִי

“BaYom HaSh’mini”
“On the eighth day”
Vayiqra (Lev.) 9:1 – 10:7
B’Midbar (Num.) 28:9-15
Ashlamatah: Ezekiel 43:27 – 44:5, 28-30
Special: I Samuel 20:18,42
Psalm 77:11-21
N.C. 1 Pet 3:1-7; Lk 12:2-9, 13-21; Acts 22:1-21

How do you come up with such an interpretation?

Whether vocalized or not, people have questions like these. Questions are good when they are asked with sincerity and humility. Notice the Scripture verse in bold and a deeper explanation in parenthesis’ and brackets.

Shemot (Ex.) 19:16 So it came about on the third day, when it was morning, that there were thunder (the voices of the Hakhamim) and lightning flashes (the Hakhamim running back and forth to elucidate the Torah) and a thick cloud upon the mountain (governance [kingdom] of God [through the Hakhamim and Bate Din as opposed to human kings]) and a very loud voice of the shofar (Tiferet – Darshan or Maggid [Prophet]), so that all the people who were in the camp (world) trembled.

Join us this week’s on Torah Focus, but be ready to listen more than once!

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‍‍23 Tevet 5774 - 12/25/13



“Command” / “Enjoin”
Vayiqra (Lev.) 6:1 – 7:10
Ashlamatah: Mic. 6:6-8 + 7:14-20
Psalm 76:1-7
1 Pet 2:11-12; Luk 10:38-42; Acts 20:17-38

Understanding the Basics of the Readings

It is important for newcomers to our class that they get an orientation to the language and workings of the Triennial Cycle and our weekly studies. The recovery of these ancient principles is  relatively new and we are involved in the pioneering work to bring them back to the forefront as they once were in the Land of Israel. Tonight we review some basics and it always serves to strengthen and clarify the system that we are teaching. Join us on Torah Focus for this refreshing overview.

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