‍‍25 Nisan 5771 - 04/28/11

Torah Focus – Meet the Rabbis #11

Meet the Rabbis #11

This Meet the Rabbis class looked at the Rabbis.  We will looked at the towering sages of the early part of the first and second century and their effect on Judaism.   Dr Brad Young describes the Rabbis as walking talking books.  We will looked at these books and their relation to the Torah and Mitzvah.

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‍‍4 Nisan 5771 - 04/7/11

Meet the Rabbis Lesson #10

Meet the Rabbis Lesson #10
Rabbinic Hermeneutics and the four levels of Interpretation

Tonight’s Torah Focus  looked at the Hermeneutic principles for interpreting the Bible.  We discussed all of this from the perspective of the four levels of interpretation.   We gave time to looking at the way that the Nazarean Codicil interprets the Tanahk.


‍‍26 Adar II 5771 - 03/31/11

Meet the Rabbis Lesson #9

Meet the Rabbis Lesson #9  Rambam

Tonight’s class  discussed the Torah Giant Rambam (Maimonides) his works, his impact on Judaism and his legacy.

We briefly looked at his 13 articles of Faith known as Yigdal or Ani Ma’amin.



‍‍28 Adar I 5771 - 03/3/11

Meet the Rabbis Lesson #5

Nazarean Codicil and the Rabbis

Tonights class on Meet the Rabbis will looks at the Nazarean Codicl and the Oral Torah.    We will tried to explore the idea of why the Rabbis wrote the oral Torah and Why the Nazarean Codicil was written.  Do they have anything in common?  How does the previous chapter on the Sanhedrin relate to tonights material?


Dr Walter Oakley

‍‍21 Adar I 5771 - 02/24/11

Meet The Rabbis #4

Meet the Rabbis Class #4

The Great Sanhedrin

We  discussed chapter #4 of the Book Meet the Rabbis by Dr. Brad Young.  Tonight’s discussion revolved around the Great Sanhedrin.   We  looked at it structure, function and initiation.

Class Notes and reading materials can be downloaded here.

Class Notes (UPDATED)

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Lesson Title
Lesson #1Introduction to Rabbinic thought
Lesson #2Masters, Teachers and their Disciples
Lesson #3The Torah is more than Law
Lesson #4The Great Sanhedrin
Lesson #5Parallel New Testament
Lesson #6Early Jewish Writings
Lesson #7Ethics of the Fathers
Lesson #8The Amidah
Lesson #9The Rambam
Lesson #10Four Levels of Hermeneutic
Lesson #11The Sages
Lesson #12Two Torahs
Lesson #13Nezarean Codicil and the Torah
Downloadable Media


‍‍14 Adar I 5771 - 02/17/11

Meet the Rabbis Class #3

The Torah is more than Law

Meet the Rabbis class #3 discusses the nuances of the word Torah.  We will be looking at various aspects of the Torah.   We examine the core thought and meaning of the Torah and how we should respond to the Torah.

Shalom Adon Dr. Eliyahu ben Avraham

‍‍21 Shevat 5771 - 01/26/11

Meet the Rabbis Class #1

Shalom to all of our internet friends and students

Tonight (Thursday night) we  initiated our Yeshiva series on “Meet the Rabbis.” If you do not have a book, you will need one for the class.  It will be possible to follow along without the book. However, it will be most beneficial to have the book.

Those who wish to have credit for this class will have to interact with us during the class via the Coveritlive system, which we use for class interaction. Likewise, all the homeworks and reading assignments will have to be completed.

You will need to download and read the following files.

Lesson 1 – additional readings and materials

Introduction to Prayer

Homework 1-2

Homework 3-5

These classes will continue for 13 weeks.

We look forward to this classes where we will be able to demonstrate how Yeshua and Rabbinic thought were one and the same.

Below is the video of the first class

ClassTitleMedia Link
Lesson #1Introduction
Lesson 1a Video
Lesson 1b Video
Lesson 1c Video
Lesson 1a Audio
Lesson 1b Audio
Lesson 1c Audio
Lesson #2Masters and their StudentsLesson #2 Video
Lesson #2 Audio
Lesson #3Torah is More than LawLesson #3 Video
Lesson #3 Audio
Lesson #4The SanhedrinLesson 4 Video
Lesson 4 Audio
Lesson #13Utopia or plan of action, The Nazerean Codicil connectionLesson #13


Dr Eliyahu ben Abraham