Shaul’s Letters

Shaul’s Letters

The following is a outline of the class taught on Shaul’s Letters and the 613

Letter to the Romans

 Bringing the gentile to obedience1

Letter to the Corinthians

This letter sets the tone and standard for interpreting many of Shaul’s sayings and letters. The idea being presented in the first letter to the Corinthians is firstly, unity. This means unity between the Jew and the Gentile. Before there can be a universal theocratic society there must be unity.

This unity is not based on anything more that a genuine love for HaShem.

Relationship with HaShem does not require that anyone become Jewish. Nor does it demand that the Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua abandon their Jewish identity.2

Shaul’s Letter to the Galatians

Of all Shaul’s writings, this letter is the most difficult and most misunderstood.

Context:  There will be a universal acceptance of HaShem and a universal theocracy.

You do not need to be Jewish to be a part of that theocratic community.

Shaul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Breaking down the Rabbinic fence that seporated the Gentile from having fellowship with Jews.3 It will be noted that this “law” is a Rabbinic fence, not a commandment found in the Torah.

Ethnicity is not a barrier to having a relationship with HaShem.

Shaul’s Letter to the Philippians

The circumcision of the heart.

Regardless of ethnicity, the true nature of the heart is what will establish the theocratic society.

This is not an objection to Judaism or conversion.

This letter tells us that regardless of ethnicity the condition of the heart is of vital importance.

Shaul’s Letter to the Colossians

The theme of Shaul’s letter to the Colossians is a continuation of the ideas established in previous works and letters.

It is not requisite to be Jewish to have a relationship with HaShem.

Shaul also continues his appeal for unity among believers Jewish and Gentile.

Shaul’s First Letter to the Thessalonians

Torah observance supersedes ethnicity.

The Torah is the living embodiment of HaShem instruction in righteousness.

Those who would be righteous must embrace the Torah and the 613.

The 613, Torah, establishes the standard for the life of sanctification.

Shaul’s Letters to Timothy

Remember the sacred writings you were taught by your Jewish mother and grandmother.

*Within the sacred writings is the path to salvation.4

Shaul’s admonishment is that Timothy

Continue in the Torah

Preach the Torah

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