Shaul & the 613

Shaul and the 613

Shaul’ Law to the Romans

Romans 1:5, 2:13, *15:18 – Bringing the gentile to obedience

Zechariah 14:9;  HaShem will be King over all the earth.  This is the establishment and fulfillment of the Theocratic community.

Amos 9:11  The Gentile community will be a part of the theocratic community.  Amos saw the universal acceptance of HaShem’s theocracy as a way life as did many of the other Prophets.


The Greek word “nomos” is the equivalent to the Hebrew word “Torah.”   Therefore, the foundational meanings for the Hebrew word “Torah” must be read into the Greek word “nomos.”

The word “nomos” is used repeatedly throughout Shaul’s letters. It is used more that seventy times in the letter to the Roman.

However, each time the word “nomos is used it is not always used in the same context. Therefore, we must determine the context before making an exegesis on the text.

Uses of “Nomos” in Shaul’s letter to the Romans

1. The Chumash – Five books of Moshe

Romans 3:21

The Chumash has witnessed the righteousness of HaShem.

This was witnessed by the Chumash and the Neviim.Shaul’s is referring to the faith of Avraham

2.  The Tanach

Romans 3:19

Here “nomos” is used as a reference to the entire Tanach. We are able to determine this through his use throughout the letter where he includes references to Tehillim (Psalms.)

3. Principles, teachings and instruction

Romans 3:27

Here the word “nomos is used in the context of a principle, teaching or instruction.

4. The 613 mitzvot

Romans 2:17, 23; 7:7-13; 8:4

The Holy Torah (Nomos)

If the Torah is spiritual and holy then why all the fuss?

Romans 7:12-13

Why were the Torah and the 613 given?

1. Revelation of HaShem
2. Establishment of a Theocratic society – a society under HaShem’s rule
3. To bring sin to light – define sin
4. To lead men to repentance
5. Direction for the community of HaShem