Yitzhak, Rivka & the Well

Torah Focus Live

This “Torah Focus Live” looked at the following issues. The video/audio to this class should be posted by Sunday Evening / Monday Morning.

“I came to the Fountain”

In the Torah Seder entitled “I came to the Fountain” (B’resheet 24:42-25:18)

Yitzhak is coming from the well called “Be’er Lachai Ro’i.” We will be asking the following questions as we investigate the Torah Seder and related materials.  What is the significance of this well? What was Yitzhak doing at this well? Are there other mentions of the well/fountain? Are there any myths and legends built on this well/ fountain? 

This Torah Seder is related to the following texts of the Nazarean Codicil…

Mk. 2:23-28, Lk. 6:1-5 and 2 Luqas (Acts) 5:12-16

Our commentary investigates the phrase “Son of Man.” What does this phrase mean? How is this phrase related to Yisrael? How is this phrase related to Yeshua? We also take a look at the Prophets and  Prophecy. How did they prophecy? How was it that Moshe Rabbenu was greater than all the Prophets?

How was Yeshua a prophet “Like” Moshe Rabbenu?