And Abraham was Old

B’resheet (Gen.) 24:1-41

This class looked at the principle of El-eazar whereby we see that we need the help of G-d to accomplish our mission in life.

We then began to look at the Nazarean Codicil Mk 2:21-22 with the corresponding Lucan passages concerning the torn garment and the “old” wineskins. This logical approach revealed exactly what Yeshua was saying in his analogy of garments, wine-skins and wine.

The question we must ask ourselves is who or what are these “patches” added to the “garment.” Who or what is this “garment”? And why does it need a patch?  How does the context of this passage tell us what the meaning of this supposed “unshrunken,” “unbleached” or “undressed” material. This class addresses the question straight on and answers the question frompure logic, scripture and hermeneutic.

We also looked at the difference between Parable (Midrash) and analogy as it is used in all hermeneutic levels.

 Psa 17 – Isa 51:2-11 – Mk 2:21-22 – Lk 5:36-39 – Acts 5:7-11

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