“And when Abram was”

“And when Abram was”

This Torah Focus looked at the Triennial Torah Reading “And when Abram was” (B’resheet (Gen.) Gen. 17:1-27). This section matches the Tanakh and Nazarean Codicil’s readings, Jer. 33:25 – 34:5 + 34:8-13, Psalms 12:1-9, N.C.: Mark 1:35-39, Luke 4:42-44 & Acts 4:5-12

We looked at the parts which inspired us from this Torah Seder and then look at the relationship to the Nazarean Codicil. We will also look at where we are in relation to the calendar and what that means to us today. How can we look at the Triennial Torah Seder and its readings and interpret the prophetic events on the horizon?

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