Tol’dot Adam – B’eresheet 5:1-6:8

Tol’dot Adam – B’eresheet 5:1-6:8

Nazarene Codicil:  Mk .1:9-11, Lk.  3:21-38; Acts 1:15-26

After looking at the things which inspired us in the Torah readings we begin to look at the Mikveh of Yeshua. We look at the secrets of the Mikveh. We looked at the question of why Yochanan (John) validated the mikveh of Yeshua. What was Yochanan saying when he said that he should be immersed by Yeshua? What was the whole immersion of Yeshua about anyway? This Torah Focus covers some information about the Nachash Kadmon (primordial serpent of the garden). What did he look like? Why was Havah (Eve) alone with the serpent? Where was Adam? Why was Kayin (Cain) of a different temperament than Seth? What did Seth look like? We take the time to first learn to read and understand Rabbinic materials. All of this and more…

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