Tol’dot Adam Iyar 13, 5772

Tol’dot Adam – B’eresheet 5:1-6:8

Mk .1:9-11, Lk.  3:21-38; Acts 1:15-26

Tonight’s Torah Focus, the secrets of the Mikveh. We will look at the question of why Yochanan (John) validated the mikveh of Yeshua. What was Yochanan saying when he said that he should be immersed by Yeshua? What was the whole immersion of Yeshua about anyway?

Remes – Hint

What do we learn from the genealogy Yeshua? Why are there conflicting opinions concerning the genealogies?

What are we to learn from Hakham Tsefet (Peter) standing up to give his lecture at the dawning of Shavuot? (Acts 1:15-26)

Tonight concluded Lag B’Omer. How does Lag B’Omer fit in the scheme of the Triennial Torah Readings?

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