Toldot HaShamayim (the Generations of the Heavens)

Beresheet (Gen) 2:4-3:21

In this Torah Focus we take a trip into Gan Eden. We stop to look at the trees, the river and the general environs.  The text of Beresheet tells us that there was a river which flowed into the Garden. What is the significance of the River? Does it have a name? What can we learn from the varied levels of hermeneutic  when they are applied to the Garden. This class uncovers some of the mysteries of that special place.

We took a special look at B’resheet 3:8 where we hear the voice of G-d walking through the Garden. We will also take a special look at this “garden.” The relationship between the Nazarean Codicil and Torah Seder is most amazing.  How does Rashi and the Ramban handle this passage and what really was happening? We will see this evening when we put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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