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Liberate my eyes and I will focus on the mysteries of your Torah: Tehillim (Psalms) 119:18 ~ Come and see!

Simchat Torah for the Triennial Torah Reading Cycle

‍‍28 Adar 5772 - March 21, 2012 By: Dr. Walter Oakley Category: SyndicateA4, Thursday Night Live, Torah, Torah Focus, Triennial Torah Reading

Shalom Chaverim. We have reached the final pericope of Mordechai (Mark) and D’barim. We will be discussing the concluding remarks of the Torah and the Nazarean Codicil.

We will do a superficial review of the Amalek and then launch out into the depths of these final words to see what relevance they might have.

We will look at the three titles for the B’ne Yisrael to see what they tell us. We will also look at the cryptic passage from Jude which tells us that Michael the archangel argued over the body of Moshe. What could Jude (Hakham Tsefet’s scribe) possibly have been saying. The class will deepen when we take a deeper look at all the snakes of the past pericope and further relevance.

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