Mesorah of Mark 106 B-C

Mesorah of Mark 106 B-C

This Torah Focus looks at the 106B-C pericope of Mordechai (Mark)

We first looked at the double -Torah Reading portion, exploring how to construct a Triennial reading schedule.

We then looked at some of the following questions

  1. What level of hermeneutic did Yeshua teach from in his 3 and one half year ministry?
  2. Why does Hakham Tsefet (Peter) connect his present double pericope against the present Torah readings and the seven week’s of Nahamu?
  3. How does this double portion connect with the Torah Seder and special Sabbath readings?

Study Materials

Torah Seder – Compiled by His Eminence Rabbi Dr, Yoseph ben Haggai

Take the sum

Mordechai – Commentary by Dr Walter Oakley

Mark 13:9-13; 14-20

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