The Simple Gospel?

The Simple Gospel?

Mark always catches the opposition for being the ignorant and simple.  However, the fact that Mark laid the foundation for all the succeeding Gospels is seldom conceded.  Where did Mark gat all of his wisdom?  Here is another one of those oxymorons.  Mark turns out to be the scribe of Peter.  There again, saying that Mark was Peter’s scribe causes us to think that we should dismiss this book and move on to bigger and better things.  However, bigger is not always better.  Our world is preoccupied with fast and easy.  Well, here you are.  Mark is the fast and easy Gospel. On the other hand, is it?

What complexities lay behind the simple text?

The Mesorah of Mark

We have begun our series labeled the “Mesorah of Mark.”   Why have we used this title?  Why did we deviate from “Gospel”?

We have selected the title Mesorah because the Hebrew word “Mesorah” means tradition.   When most readers read this, they will think that I am referring to the “tradition” that was passed down concerning Yeshua.  Quite the reverse, this is not my point.   When I refer to “Mesorah”, I am using the genuine Hebraic thought concerning Mesorah.

This being the case, Mark’s book would open with these words.  “The beginning of the Mesorah of Yeshua haMashiach son of the judge.”  Well, this needs a bit of clarification.

First, the Hebrew word “beginning” used by Mark is “raysheet.”  The Hebrew word “raysheet” means beginning.  However, it does not mean first in an order of events.  This is the case with the Hebrew phrase “braysheet,” “in the beginning” as recorded in the book of Genesis.  The Hebrew word “raysheet” means the chief or most important part of something.  In other words, Yeshua is the choicest or chief part of the Masorah i.e. Oral Law.  This ought to catch some opposition.  Many of Yeshua’ followers detest this word and idea.

Before we detest too much maybe, we should look a little deeper.  How so?  What I am saying here is that Yeshua is the foundation for all of the Oral Law.  John suggested that if we loved Yeshua we would keep his commandments (14:15).  This being true, we should want to know his commandments.    I have heard the old cliché that this means love your neighbor ect.   I do not buy this load of bunk.  Why?   Because Yeshua said far more than just love G-d and neighbor.   A life and ministry as great as his is insulted by such a naive remark.  I am sure that other will concur that we have far greater truths to learn.

In the coming weeks we will delve into the mystery of Mark, the depth of Peter’s teaching and the power of a single life.