Torah Focus Face lift

Torah Focus Face Lift

Well, you have probably noticed a bit of the face lift for Torah Focus.  We have updated to a new WordPress theme.  As a result, things look different.   Also, things are in different places.  WE have located the old “Torah Focus Live” page under the new “Thursday Night Live” Tab.  The “Thursday night  live” tab is the old “live interactive tab.  Therefore, if you wish to join the Thursday Night class simply click the “Thursday night Live” tab and join in.

As you might have noticed that tabs at the top have changed.  I have included a “Shabbat” tab.  I fully intend to develop a Shabbat teaching for every Parsha.

All in all I hope you enjoy the face life. We are here to help.  E-mail us through the contact system or regular email if you have it.   We are open to suggestions.

Shalom Chaverim