Torah Reading and the Apostolic Texts

Torah Focus – with Dr. Walter Oakley
Parsha Nachmu
Overview of Parsha Nachmu

We continue discussing the relevance of following and studying the Torah Reading Cycle as we draw ever closer to the month of Elul (Teshuvah/Repentance) and the High Holy Days.  Delving into Mattityahu/Matthew and Luke we compare and contrast the readings from the Annual and Triennial Torah Reading Cycles and discover they line up with the timing in the Basarot (Gospels) and the Ketuvei Shelakim (Apostolic Writings).  The 7 weeks of Nachmu (Comforting/Consolation) continues as each Weekly Parsha contains a Haftarah selected from Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapters 40 thru 61, whose main focus is summed up by “Comfort, Comfort ye my people”.  We touch on the Shemittah (Sabbatical 7th Year), the Yuval (50th Year of Jubilee), Ritual Immersions, and the Genizah (Treasury).