The Mishna, Yeshua’s Teachings & Pirket Avot 3

The Mishna, Yeshua’s Teachings & Pirket Avot 3

Program #21 – The Mishna, Yeshua’s Teachings & Pirket Avot 3

We begin our discussion in Pirke Avot 1:4

Avot 1:4-5 Yossi ben (son of) Yo’ezer of Ts’raidah and Yossi ben Yochanan of Jerusalem received the transmission from them. Yossi ben Yo’ezer used to say: Let your house be a meeting place for the sages, cleave to the dust of their feet, and drink thirstily their words.”

Yossei the son of Yochanan of Jerusalem would say: Let your home be wide open, and let the poor be members of your household. And do not engage in excessive conversation with a woman. This is said even regarding one’s own wife–how much more so regarding the wife of another. Hence, the sages said: One who excessively converses with a woman causes evil to himself, neglects the study of Torah, and, in the end, inherits Gehenna.

Shaul, knowing the ideology of Mishnaic Rabbinics tells Timothy not to listen to vain wives tales. This further demonstrates the universality of the Mishnaic thought among the Talmidim of Yeshua and Shaul who sat at the feet of Gamaliel.

Avot 1:6 Joshua the son of Perachia and Nitai the Arbelite received from them. Joshua the son of Perachia would say: Assume for yourself a Teacher, acquire for yourself a friend, and judge every man to the side of merit.

I discuss Joshua the son of Perachia’s saying “Find yourself and teacher and a study partner.”

Avot 1:7 Nitai the Arbelite would say: Distance yourself from a bad neighbor, do not cleave to a wicked person, and do not abandon belief in retribution.

1:8 -9 Judah the son of Tabbai and Shimon the son of Shotach received from them. Judah the son of Tabbai would say: When sitting in judgment, do not act as a counselor-at-law. When the litigants stand before you, consider them both guilty; and when they leave your courtroom, having accepted the judgment, regard them as equally righteous.

Shimon the son of Shotach would say: Increasingly cross-examine the witnesses. Be careful with your words, lest they learn from them how to lie

I further the idea that the Nasi (President) of the Sanhedrin was prone to Chesed and the Av Beit Din was given to Din – Judgment.

12. Hillel and Shammai received from them. Hillel would say: Be of the disciples of Aaron–a lover of peace, a pursuer of peace, one who loves the creatures and draws them close to Torah.

13. He would also say: One who advances his name, destroys his name. One who does not increase, diminishes. One who does not learn is deserving of death. And one who make personal use of the crown of Torah shall perish.

14. He would also say: If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?

15. Shammai would say: Make your Torah study a permanent fixture of your life. Say little and do much. And receive every man with a pleasant countenance.

16. Rabban Gamliel would say: Assume for yourself a master; stay away from doubt; and do not accustom yourself to tithe by estimation.

Did Yaakov (James – Yeshua’ brother) agree with Shammai?

We learn that Gamliel was the teacher of Shaul (Paul). Learning this we can see things that Gamliel would have taught Shaul.