Sh’lach L’kha

Shebat 04, 5778 – Jan 19/20, 2018
Sh’lach L’kha
“Send out for yourself”
“Envía tú”
B’midbar (Numbers) 13:1 – 14:10
Ashlamatah: Joshua 2:1-9, 23-24

Psalms 101:1-8

N.C.: Mk 10:1-9; Lk 16:18; Rm 8:26-30
Audio of class

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Tebet 26, 5778 – Jan 12/13, 2018

“Gather unto Me”
B’midbar (Numbers) 11:16-12:16
B’Midbar (Num,) 28:9-15
Ashlamatah: Yoel 2:16-24, 27
Special: 1 Sam. 20:18,42

Psalms 99:1-9 & 100:1-5

N.C.: Mk 9:41-48; Lk 17:1-3a: Rm 8:12-17
This class looked at the following things.

  1. The worm that will not die
  2. Hell the valley of Gehinnom
  3. Jerusalem Valleys
  4. Death and hell
  5. Our Inheritance, a share in the Torah
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A’aseh L’kha Sh’tei Chatsots’rot

Tebet 19, 5778 – Jan 05/06, 2018
עֲשֵׂה לְךָ, שְׁתֵּי חֲצוֹצְרֹת
A’aseh L’kha Sh’tei Chatsots’rot
“Make yourself two trumpets”
“Hazte dos trompetas”
B’midbar (Numbers) 10:1 – 11:15
Ashlamatah: Is 27:13 – 28:8, 16

Psalms 98:1-9

N.C.: 2 Pet 3:17-18; Lk 18:9-14; Rm 8:1-11

We continue to look at the idea of the 7th epoch or day.
Hakham Tsefet (Peter) calls it the “hidden”: or Eternal day.
Audio Lesson

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Tebet 12, 5778 – Dec 29/30, 2017
“When you light the lamps”
“Cuando encendieres las lámparas”
B’midbar (Numbers) 8:1 – 9:23
Ashlamatah: Zech 4:1-9 + 6:12-13

Psalms 97:1-12

N.C.: 2 Pet 3:11-16; Lk 18:1-8; Rm 7:21-25

Audio Lesson
Continued lesson and discussion on the “Seventh Day” (Sabattical 1,000 year day)
? Does 1,000 years really mean exactly 1,000 years?
Come and see

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“BaYom HaSh’vi’i”

Tebet 05, 5778 – Dec 22/23, 2017
בַּיּוֹם, הַשְּׁבִיעִי
BaYom HaSh’vi’i
“On the seventh day”
“El séptimo día”
B’midbar (Numbers) 7:48-89
Ashlamatah: Judges 5:14-22, 31

Psalms 96:1-13

N.C. 2 Pet 3:8-10; Lk 17-20-21; Rm 7:21-25;

Audio Class
What does the phrase “A day is as a thousand years mean?”

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Chanukah Part 1

Chanukah Part 1
Kislev 25, 5778
Evening Tuesday Dec. 12, 2017 – Evening Wednesday Dec. 13, 2017

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Shalom to all of our Torah Focus friends…

As all of you know that the study of the Torah Seder can be daunting and difficult at times. Therefore, I have developed a study guide template that may help with regard to mentally focusing on the materials that we are given each week.

Key elements in the weekly study is the Torah Portion itself…

The Psalm
The Ashlamatah or Ashlamatot
And the Nazarean Codicil

We also have thematic study
Character Study
And Festival study

The guide is in PDF format. Any page can be printed without printing all the pages at once. Therefore, you can pick the area of study that you are focusing on. The system is based on the Cornell study system. I prefer a right-handed Que column rather than left. I believe this helps when you go through the review of your accumulated notes. I hope you will find that a helpful study tool.

Study Guide

Shalom and Blessings




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